I have The Horsemen Book 15 up early for pre-order.

In this book, a lot of answers are given.

You will laugh and cry, seriously.

Grab the tissue, you will need it.

I also found myself laughing like a loon.

I have spent a lot of time in the last year with this series.

It is fiction but a great story.

Don’t miss the last 2 books of the saga (14 & 15).

I am currently working on my next project.

This will be a great one. I am so excited.

It takes off with the kids all grown.

Fasten your chin strap for this.

Victor and Katie as adults are a lot of fun to write.

This new saga is also full of action and great adventure.

Victor is a King in training and a warrior.

Katie is a fighting Princess, that wears designer things with her weapons.

I am sure that all who loved The Horsemen, will love this too.

It is a great story that is unfolding.

Settle in with me for a great ride.

I want to thank all of my loyal followers who have liked my page and those that just check in.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

The Horsemen Next Generation is up next.

Hold on tight for the ride in the future, It will be a wild one.

That is the only way to go.

Sincerely, Ava Barlow