The latest news

The next saga of the Horsemen will release soon.

It is called “The Horsemen Next Generation”.

Book 1 released on 6/01. Book 2 will release on 7/05.

It is packed with all of the action of the original story.

This one takes off with the kids grown.


The old war starts up again after many years.

Victor is in line for the next King.

Nick has trouble and steps down.

Katie is a fighting Princess.

She wears designer things with her weapons.

If you liked the kids when they were young, you will love them now.


All of the great characters of the last saga are still there.

The story continues.

This is a family saga about the love of brotherhood and family.

Loyalty to each other. Fighting to keep it.

This is the Next Generation of The Horsemen MC.


Fasten your chin strap for the wild ride.

That is the only way to go.



Ava Barlow