Last night and for several months, the police department of Morton County ND high handedly treated all people involved inhumanely at Standing Rock.

This is a sacred burial ground for the Native Indians. The thought of putting an oil pipeline thought it is appalling to say the least. The big banks are involved in financing this venture. It is high time that we all stand and say NO MORE!!

The temperatures were in the 20’s last night. The peaceful protestors stood their ground. They endured water cannons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and were blocked from all medical treatment for the injured. Hypothermia can kill!

Main Stream Media is sugar-coating or ignoring this issue. Get the truth.

I call to every human being on the planet today to stand with #Standing Rock.

Make a call. Write a post. Make a donation to them. Help is gravely needed.

We are all of this earth! We can stand as ONE Nation and One World!

Do not let this go on for another night. We are all brothers and sisters.

I pray for the safety of our people and planet.

Much love,

XOXO   Ava Barlow