Holiday Weekend

Have a safe holiday weekend.

I am giving 2 free books of the Horsemen saga.

Some of my readers are in the beginning and some are in the middle of the story.

I gave you a choice for the long weekend. Free worldwide.

The Horsemen Book 1 – kindle edition

The Horsemen Book 7 – kindle edition



Ava Barlow


The Latest News

The latest news

The next saga of the Horsemen will release soon.

It is called “The Horsemen Next Generation”.

Book 1 released on 6/01. Book 2 will release on 7/05.

It is packed with all of the action of the original story.

This one takes off with the kids grown.


The old war starts up again after many years.

Victor is in line for the next King.

Nick has trouble and steps down.

Katie is a fighting Princess.

She wears designer things with her weapons.

If you liked the kids when they were young, you will love them now.


All of the great characters of the last saga are still there.

The story continues.

This is a family saga about the love of brotherhood and family.

Loyalty to each other. Fighting to keep it.

This is the Next Generation of The Horsemen MC.


Fasten your chin strap for the wild ride.

That is the only way to go.



Ava Barlow




The Horsemen Trivia Game

The Horsemen Trivia Game.

Thursdays on my authors site. Just for fun.

You get your name posted all week until the next winner.

You may pick a partner or team up.

The topic is the Horsemen saga.

If you have read the books, then stop by.

I am giving a book a week away all month.

All AvaBarlow Books are available for kindle unlimited.

My books are available on Amazon.

The Horsemen Trivia Game_edited

A Sad Tragedy

Today we all heard the news everywhere. It is a sad day.

A mass shooting.  Killing and injuring many people.

In the USA, we have many rights bound by our constitution.

Killing people because you do not agree with those rights,

it is just wrong and sad.

I hope that we can come together as a nation soon.

Our lives are intertwined together here. We live in the same nation.

Take a minute today and pray for the families of the victims.

Pray for the injured as well.

Do that in whatever way that you choose.